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If you are using this site in any manner that it means you agree with the terms and conditions or any rules and regulations of the site on which we post anything. We have all the rights to update, change, add or modify the
agreement without alerting you anytime. All the changes which we make will be posted on the site as the “Last updated” and come into action right away after being post. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with all the changes we make on our website as it is mentioned in the agreement. You cannot claim anything to us in respect of “Last Updated” because this is in our agreement and such changes to our material of the website are the part of the agreement. Therefore, you must review it instantly to keep yourself updated.

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We will control the information that you provide to this website in any manner by using this website as it is mentioned in the agreement. Moreover, be careful while providing any of your information if the information provided by you is inaccurate, false or incomplete then according to the agreement we can terminate your use of the website without warning you.

All the services and Content:

We provide different services for the customers. Have a look at the material, which we provide to the customers. This platform designed for the customers who want detailed information about the content that also includes the reviews and the reference links. By using this site one can assume that the content available on the site is outdated, incomplete or inaccurate and is not up to mark.

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For your help, there is a possibility that you come across some external links on this website. Keep in mind we do not have any control on the content of the reference site and we do not handle the content available on those sites. Therefore, it is your responsibility to go through these links. If any loss or damage occurs then we will not be responsible for this.

Limitation of Liability:

We will put our full effort to maintain the security of the website, but make sure that we will not assure you that this site is secure or it will be continuous. Moreover, the third parties in this site can do some unauthorized modification. If you face any content by the Third party, which you think is not right then you can contact us related to this content instantly with complete details.


If by breaking, any rule you are terminated then there is not even a single chance for you to go through the website again. Take notice that we will not notify you while terminating, we will take a sudden action and will delete all the information which you have gathered using this site and may discontinue your access to the collected content for future use.